Check out Blackwater's new men's fragrances


Posted at Jun 02 2017 12:34 PM

With every new season, in addition to updating your wardrobe for a new look, explore the power of a new scent.

From the evocative to the crisp and clean, these new scents will help you feel fresh all-year round.

Blackwater II serves up an array of alluring fragrances for adventure seekers and go-getters who seek new ways to express their individual moods and styles.

Inspired by the scents of nature, Blackwater II helps every man make a statement, especially if they dare to be different.


Light and lilting, Blackwater II Breeze draws you in with its crisp and clean scent. With defined notes of citrus, Breeze is the perfect fragrance for the everyday.

Whether worn in the outdoors, at the office, or on a casual Friday night date, Breeze will have you feeling confident and free.


Oak gets its strength from a masculine floral base that diffuses into a more romantic scent.

Well-loved by the ladies as well as gents, Oak is fit for the chivalrous gentleman.


Blackwater II Ocean’s perfectly layered notes of lavender create that relaxing wave of fragrance. It entices the senses and folds you into its soothing, calming embrace.

Strong yet understated, Ocean gives you all the wonderful memories of the sun, sand and sea with just one spritz.


For special occasions, a light touch of Blackwater II Woods will help you elevate your overall look. Give yourself a boost of confidence with this light, masculine and woody scent.

Sharp and polished, Woods grounds you with its handsome, earthy appeal.

Blackwater II fragrances are priced at P120 each and are available in major retail stores nationwide.

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