Walk, run, jump in these ultra-comfy denim pants for men


Posted at Apr 24 2017 03:38 PM

Stiff and difficult to move in are two things typically associated with denim pants. Due to the impression that they are made of inflexible fabric, denims are sometimes dismissed as not fit for an active lifestyle.

What’s a man to do? Most men practically live wearing jeans almost everyday—from the school or corporate setting to entertainment and recreation venues. To say denim pants are a closet staple for men would definitely be an understatement.

However, despite the fact that the denim pants they own may be a bit uncomfortable, they are left with no choice but to wear them anyway. Why? Denim pants are simply the perfect everyday wear that can go with almost any item in one’s closet. But why live with that uneasiness and sacrifice comfort for style, when there are more comfortable and equally stylish options in the market now?

Ever since its foundation in 1983, sexy denim brand FREEGO has made it the brand’s mission to produce the most innovative, form-flattering, and best-fitting jeans. To keep up with the on-the-go pace and free-spiritedness of many men today, FREEGO is introducing a new range of innovative denim called the Hyperflex.

Its name alone, which combines the words “hyper” and “flex,” instantly gives one an idea on what it’s all about: denim pants that are amazingly flexible and lightweight you’ll feel super comfortable and at ease to move in them.

The new FREEGO Hyperflex for men doesn’t limit the movement of the wearer because it’s made from flexible and lightweight fabric that offers complete ease of motion and great shape retention. The denim’s elasticity and high fabric recovery feature prevent the pants from sagging or deforming even after continuous use, and allow it to return to its original shape even after rigorous movements.

What’s more to like about this new product is its special additional feature: an adjustable cord that makes it possible for one to move more comfortably when doing physical activities. The new FREEGO Hyperflex is available in two silhouettes: Hyperjog (available in Hyper Bright and Hyper Deep washes) and Hyperflex (available in Hyper Spring, Hyper Mist, and Hyper Granite washes).

FREEGO is available in all leading department stores nationwide. Follow FREEGO on Facebook.com/freegojeans, @freego_jeans on Instagram and Twitter, and FREEGOjeans on YouTube.

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