Palace downplays PNoy's ratings dip

By RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Dec 28 2012 05:28 PM | Updated as of Dec 29 2012 11:01 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Malacañang downplayed the fall of President Aquino's satisfaction ratings in a new Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said the drop, from "excellent" to "still very good," is still something to show for.

The survey, first published today by newspaper Business World, indicated that Aquino's December net satisfaction rating of +55 (72% satisfied minus the 17% dissatisfied) was down 12 points from the +67 (77% satisfied, 10% dissatisfied) in August.

Aquino's scores dropped in all areas, socioeconomic classes and gender.

The SWS polled 1,200 adults nationwide for the Dec. 8-11 survey, which utilized sampling error margins of ±3% for national and ±6% for area percentages.

Valte said this shows that Aquino still enjoys a wide margin of support that is "nothing to cry about… still something show for."

At the same time, Valte also downplayed as "essentially unchanged" a separate SWS survey saying that 92% of Filipinos are hopeful for the New Year, which is down from 95% from last year.

The SWS website said that the 92% hopeful of the coming 2013 is just 3 points below the record-high 95% which was first achieved in 2002, for those who entered 2003 with hope, and again in 2011, for those who entered 2012 with hope.

Hopefulness of the New Year is widespread across all areas, but is noticeably lower in Mindanao than in Metro Manila, Balance or other areas of Luzon, and Visayas.

Four out of five (85%) in Mindanao are hopeful of the coming 2013, slightly lower than 96% in Balance Luzon, 93% in Metro Manila, and 93% in Visayas who are also hopeful of the New Year.

Compared to 2011, New Year hope hardly changed in Balance of Luzon. In the other three areas, however, New Year hope slightly declined as fear for the coming New Year increased.

In Mindanao, New Year hope declined by 9 points to 85% in 2012 after rebounding to 94% in 2011 from 89% in 2010. The 85% New Year hope in Mindanao in 2012 is the lowest recorded since the 84% in 2005.

New Year hope is widespread across socio-economic classes. All (100%) of those who belong to middle-to-upper classes ABC are hopeful of 2013, higher than the 93% among class D and 89% among very poor class E. Compared to 2011, New Year hope increased among classes ABC but declined among classes D and E.

Valte said that in the last Cabinet meeting, President Aquino stressed the need for long-term solutions to the problems arising from calamities in Mindanao.

Valte said the President noted the lessons on geohazard mapping, relocation of victims and assistance that can be learned from the problems caused by Typhoon Pablo, which hit Mindanao hardest this December.