Lacierda right, Corona is no Teehankee, surveys say

by Lois Calderon, ANC

Posted at Dec 14 2011 09:34 PM | Updated as of Dec 15 2011 05:34 AM

MANILA - Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Chief Justice Corona is no Claudio Teehankee.

He’s right, at least based on surveys dating from 1986.

According to the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey group, of the 8 men who’ve served as Chief Justice since 1986, Teehankee had the highest public satisfaction rating, and Corona, the lowest.
Teehankee had a net rating of 52 percent. He was a lonely voice in the Marcos Supreme Court, and is best known for administering the oath of office on President Corazon Aquino in the EDSA Revolution.

No other Chief Justice has come close.

Corona’s net score, meaning his satisfaction score minus his dissatisfaction score, is now at zero. It was negative 18 at the start of his term last year, after his controversial midnight appointment by outgoing President Gloria Arroyo. 

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court itself scored better.

Since 1990, it's gotten higher marks than the Cabinet, partly because the latter scored poorly during Arroyo's presidency.

But the Supreme Court's edge over the Cabinet has narrowed since Aquino became President.

Claudio Teehankee October 1986 +52
Marcelo Fernan April 1990 +40
Andres Narvasa March 1999 +40
Hilario Davide March 2001 +46
Artemio Panganiban September 2006 +4
Reynato Puno June 2009 +4
Renato Corona
June 2010 -18
September 2010 -5
November 2010 -7
March 2011 -4
June 2011 0
September 2011 0

(Note: This tally only culled the highest rating garnered by SC Chief Justices from Teehankee to Puno during their term. The survey is done every three months.)

-- Source: Social Weather Stations