Why PNoy fell ill in Canberra

By Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 25 2012 07:21 PM | Updated as of Oct 26 2012 11:55 AM

SYDNEY, Australia —President Aquino did not only have a bad stomach Wednesday but was also having colds and an allergy attack, prompting him to leave the banquet hosted by Prime Minister Julia Gillard early.

“You know, I’m really wondering perhaps I’ll have myself checked. My mother had an allergy to pollen when she became president. Before that she didn’t e. So baka may connection ‘yung stress of the job and susceptibility to it,” Aquino told reporters.

“Last night I wasn’t really feeling that (well)—clogged ‘yung nostrils, hindi ka makahinga nang mabuti, and all of that—tapos nakakahiya. Wala kang ginawa kundi ‘excuse me’ uubo kang bigla. Parang baka hindi naman nakakadagdag sa magandang imahe ng bansa natin ‘yon. Pero last night nga I really felt kinda drained. ‘Yung it takes a little bit more effort when you can’t breathe properly,” he added.

“And sabi ko ‘what if this gets worse’? What if the immune system goes down? I get a fever then I missed the Filipino Community activity tomorrow?”

Aquino said he already had colds when he left Manila, which got worse when had to stay awake for 21 hours on his first day in New Zealand.

He said he has not taken a day off for eight weeks already.

“I had a cold when we left and I was hoping that it wouldn’t develop. But it was pointed out that on the first day in New Zealand parang our day was something like 21 hours. Second day ‘yon? So masyado akong bilib sa sarili ko siguro na kaya ko lahat ito kahit dagdagan pa niyo. Also, I think I had something like eight weeks in a row na walang weekend e. So Secretary Ona kept giving me this inquisitive look reminding me that I am not a machine and that I should be taking breaks,” he said.