Timeline of the Qurino Grandstand hostage crisis


Posted at Aug 26 2010 07:37 PM | Updated as of Aug 27 2010 08:37 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Here is a timeline of the Quirino Grandstand hostage crisis last Monday.

Monday, August 23, Around 10 am: Dismissed chief Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza takes 25 passengers in a tourist bus hostage in Intramuros.

Between 11 am - 2pm: Mendoza releases some of the hostages while negotiations are ongoing.

Between 2pm- 3pm: Mendoza starts posting messages on the bus window. He posts a message that say that "big mistake to correct a big wrong decision", "big deal will start after 3pm today."

3 pm: Negotiators give in to Mendoza's demand to refuel the bus. Mendoza's brother Gregorio talks to Rolando on the phone and asks for an extension of the deadline.

3:30 pm: Mendoza posts a message that reads "media now."

Between 3:30pm-6pm: Mendoza releases another hostage. Food is delivered to the hostages. Negotiations are still ongoing.

6pm: Letter from the Ombudsman is given to Mendoza.

Around 7pm: Mendoza's brother, Gregorio is arrested.

Around 7:30 pm: Bus driver escapes and says all the hostages had been killed.

Between 7:30pm-8:30: Gunshots are heard from the bus. Members of the Special Weapons and Tactics start assault operations.

Around 8:40: Dead body of the hostage taker is seen. Police secures the area and rescues surviving hostages.

Tuesday, August 24, 12:30 am: Aquino holds a televised press conference.