Bayan Patrollers pay tribute to Dolphy

by Vince Samonte, BMPM Aggregator

Posted at Jul 13 2012 05:08 PM | Updated as of Jul 14 2012 01:08 AM

MANILA - Fans of comedy king Rodolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon mourned his death on July 10, 2012 by posting souvenir photos, tickets of old movies and even art works done in his honor.

Patroller Magdalena Dono, his wardrobe staff in the film TatayNic, sent a photo taken in 1998.
Bayan patrollers Bob Del Mundo and Brian Amado sent photos with him during the taping of Home Along Da Riles studio in ABS-CBN, where he was fondly called by everyone as “Mang Kevin Kosme.” The photos were taken in 1993 and 1994, respectively.
Chilimansi Atx found a photo of his mom and relatives with the late Comedy King while Bim Olaes also shared a photo taken in the 1990’s in Malate, Manila.
Conie Santos Moreno sent Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo (BMPM) a photo taken in 2004 at the LTO Pasay where Dolphy was renewing his driver’s license.
Benjie Inductivo proudly shared his wedding picture with his godfather Dolphy taken in 1999, July 10, the same day the Comedy King died.
A picture with Dolphy, Vandolph and Alma Moreno, taken in 1987 in Hong Kong, was also shared by Nelia Latina.
On her flight to Davao in 2006, Czarina Fallorina spotted the Comedy King at the airport and took the chance to have a photo with him.
Joanne O'Leary of California, Fel Ducat of ABS-CBN, Luz Praga of QC, and Majo Alejo a film staff, also shared some photos with the Comedy King.
Some patrollers also paid tribute by making artworks of the late Comedy King.
Bayan patroller Lory De Vera, a graphic artist, made an artwork portraying the jolly face of Dolphy.
Jerome Jungco shares the same birth date with Dolphy quoting "His birthday is my Birthday, I mourn his demise." He made a banner titled “Now and Forever.”
Michael Chua shared some memorabilia signed by the late Comedy King in 2010.